Kurdish Peshmerga Homemade Tanks

If the movie Mad Max is anything indication of a desolated future, then that future is probably here already. The basis of such apocalyptic future usually involved armed fighters conjuring up their own defenses and weapons, and in the case of Kurdish Peshmerga in Iraq, they are doing exactly the same: rolling out homemade tanks converted from trucks and other vehicles and equipping with them heavy machine guns, anti-aircraft guns, and even missile launchers.

Actually, I wouldn’t call them tanks. They are more like armored vehicles. Tanks have tracks and these homemade variants have wheels instead. Then again, they would have chosen tracks over wheels if they could, but it would be a daunting endeavor given their predicament and limited resources. Nevertheless, the results look pretty darn impressive, if not menacing, and should, theoretically, give the Kurdish Peshmerga an edge over the self-proclaimed Islamists.

If history has taught us anything, it is that a strong mechanized unit will give you an upper hand. However, that also depends on how good those mechanized vehicles are. For now, they look like they are up to the job and so now, the only remaining element in the winning equation is competency in operating these machines and not forgetting some sprinkle of good strategists.

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P.S. We usually don’t post stuff like this. We know it is the truth and it is happening out there at this very moment, but we still feel very unsettling thinking that at this day and age, human relationship remains so volatile. Though we are not that religious, we do pray for world peace every time and we wish conflicts like this will end soon, and everyone can settle down and enjoy what brilliants mind have invented for us.

Image via Twitter.

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