iPad is not just a piece of technology – it is also the epitome of product design that results in a product that is not only functional but also exceedingly stylish and hence, it is indeed a crime to cover it up with fancy cases or worst, those cheap plastic ones. this is where we thought the Landmarks & Lions Quantum Leather iPad Case makes a perfect match with your iPad. it protects your iPad with the same stylish cool as the device itself and slips right out when you need to use it. there’s only one pocket and that’s the big one you see there for your pad. no fancy pretend-to-be pocket that can’t even squeeze more than two quarters or a few name cards – it is what it is – a clean, gorgeous iPad case (actually, we prefer to call it ‘sleeve’). crafted from calf skin leather in a choice of black or cognac with contrasting stitching for the exterior, while the interior is lined with black and white striped cotton canvas, insuring that your precious device stays scratch-free when nested within. handmade in Landmarks & Lion studio in the U.S.A. if you are prepared drop pretty penny for a deserving case, then we suppose its $180 asking price shouldn’t be much of an issue. click through for a few more looks.

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