first off, do not scoff at the Leather Wallet with iPhone 5 Case by Danny P. for it is not the typical ‘iPhone wallet’ with minimal storage capacity you have come to know. crafted from fine Italian leather, the Leather Wallet with iPhone 5 Case by Danny P. is a full-fledge wallet that you could load up with up 8 credit cards, load of cash, plus two other whatever cards you may have (ID, business card, or whatever). on top of the regular wallet functioning, it has a neat slot, seamlessly integrated into it for your iPhone 5, complete with a cutout to facilitate easy retrieval of your device. doing all those while still fits in your back pocket – though we would advise against it cos’ sitting on a wallet might be ok, but it is obviously not ok to sit on a smartphone. we don’t need to tell you that, do we?

so, if your lifestyle isn’t cut out for ‘minimalism’ or perhaps, there are just some occasions where you can’t go ‘minimal’ with your wallet contents, the Leather Wallet with iPhone 5 Case by Danny P. might just be the answer to keep your wallet and iPhone together for ease of carrying and at the same time, offers your device the necessary protection (and looking pretty damn stylish, if we might add). you can get yours from Danny P. web store now for $129 a pop. available in a choice of black or cognac leather.

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