Lenovo S Series Smart TV

Lenovo S Series Smart TV powered by Marvell
Lenovo S Series Smart TV | from US$700 | www.lenovo.com

while most people are content with their HDTV coupled with a set-top box of their choice, there’s no denying that consumers needed more options and as such, the need for Internet-connected TV or more commonly known as Smart TV, is born. however, if you look around, a decent spec-ed Smart TV ain’t cheap which is the main driving force behind Lenovo S Series Smart TV that are powered by Marvell “best-in-class” ARMADA 1500 Series DTV SoC platform. and with a price ranging from $700 to $1,500 for screen sizes 42-, 47-, and 55-inches, we can see that the mission is pretty much accomplished for Lenovo. however, from what we read, it is likely to be targeted at the China market, well, at least for the start. kicking of the S Series are the S51 and S61 with key features including “a sleek, frameless, mirror-like display”, full HD 1080p resolution, custom Lenovo-branded movie channel, access to Lenovo TV apps marketplace, voice control with natural language (a hint of possible international market? perhaps), motion control for Somatic Game, social TV for live chat while watching live TV, polarized 3D display, a healthy servings of connectivity including WiFi, USB, as well as HDMI, and the now common, three-layer interface: apps, VOD and traditional TV. the TVs will come bundled with premium game controller that’s equipped with motion sensor and Bluetooth. basically, what these TV are, is basically what you are getting in today’s mid to high-end Smart TV but at much affordable price points. so would you buy a Lenovo branded Smart TV?

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