Escargots has long been a French delicacy. That’s what most people know. However, what most of us do not know is, the mucous from these snails can be used to make soap too. Soap NOT soup. Soap as in the stuff that we use to wash our face and hands.

Les Escargots Desrocher Snail Slime Soap

Apparently, the slime from this type of snails contains collagen and elastin which have anti-aging and skin-healing properties, and therefore, it is good for the skin. Ermmm, maybe?

While this is a new concept to the western world, according to a report, slime extract from snails are being used in some beauty products in Asian countries like South Korea. Well now, you know how these South Korean ladies get their youthful look.

Les Escargots Desrocher Snail Slime Soap

Anywho, a former Air Force computer technician, Damien Desrocher sees a business opportunity from these slime. In fact, he couldn’t be more serious because, at this point, the man is has raise 60,000 snails which will help him realize his slime-turn-soap empire.

These snails will be “tickled” to induce them to produce the mucous which will be used to make into soap bars. Desrocher said he target to make as many as 3,000 snail slime soap bars in the first year.

Les Escargots Desrocher Snail Slime Soap

In case anyone’s interested, the Les Escargots Desrocher Snail Slime Soap is available to buy, costing €7.50 (about US$9.20) for a regular soap. Novelty soaps may be cheaper (cos’ they are smaller anyways).

Les Escargots Desrocher Snail Slime Soap

Images: Les Escargots Desrocher.

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