Letter with Hand-drawn Map Delivered to Iceland Farm

We always think that a proper (and official) address gets your mail delivered, but a report surfaced in May this year proved that address is optional – if you can draw out a map of the addressee, or at least, it appeared to be possible in Iceland. The story goes that an Icelandic tourist (no gender was mentioned, btw) wanted to send a letter to a tourist-popular farm in Hvammsveit, West Iceland, but there was a problem. While the farm did have a Facebook page, the address puts it right smack in the middle of a lake, which obviously, couldn’t be right.

So this tourist did something not every logical person would do: the tourist drew a map on the envelope where the address supposed to be, along with necessary info like which city the farm is in, who the addressee is (in this case, its “the danish woman who works in a supermarket in Búðardal”) and the sender even scribble a brief description of the farm and the family who owns it. The letter was sent within Iceland from the capital Reykjavík and surprisingly, the mail got delivered. Well that, my friend, once again proves that the largely frigid Nordic island country is indeed the coolest country ever. Also, the sheep are awesome cool too.

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This story, if it’s true, puts other developed nation to shame cos’ hell, sometime even with proper address, mails in cities could get lost too. We admire the dedication of the person who delivered the article. Then again, maybe it is just us, the urbanites who took modern day postal system for granted, who are amazed by this seemingly impossible occurrence. Who knows, that the postman or woman may not even need the address because that was probably the only touristy farm in Hvammsveit. Nevertheless, this makes for a wonderfully bizarre story.

Source and images via Boing Boing