Lamborghini URUS 6x6 Concept Truck by Lambo Cars

If you think the Mercedes-Benz AMG G63 6×6 truck is cool or the Toyota Land Cruiser 6×6, even cooler, then perhaps, you have yet to see this pleasant monstrosity dreamed up by Lamborghini enthusiast website, Lambo Cars. Clearly, this isn’t a real car. It took Lamborghini years to finally decided to go ahead with the URUS sport utility vehicle and so it would be an inconceivable thought that they would actual produce a beast like this. This concoction is apparently based on Mercedes-Benz’s G-Class 6×6 underpinning, but slapped with a body based on the upcoming URUS SUV, stretched to include a truck-requisite bed.

The result is a somewhat unearthly vehicle that looks like when Scrooge McDuck meets Mad Max. Just look at this blacked out vehicle; look at the flared rear and the “stop-staring-at-me-or-I -will-pounce-on-you” stance. The Lamborghini URUS 6×6 Concept Truck by Lambo Cars is no doubt one of the craziest exotic automobile renders we have seen thus far. We can’t say it is a love for us. All we can say is, it is ‘strangely alluring’. Like, you know it is not quite right and yet, you can’t stop stealing more looks. Hey, they don’t call it ‘exotic’ for nothing, right?

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Image: Mark Smeyers/Lambo Cars.

via Carscoop