LG Smart TV Upgrader refreshes your outdated HDTV

LG Smart TV Upgrader 544px
(image credit: LG Electronics) LG Smart TV Upgrader | US$tbc | www.lg.com

i always find it intriguing whenever some ‘odd’ functions device comes into the market. it makes me think “is there really a market for the new device?” i have the same thought when i read about the LG Smart TV Upgrader ST600, a little black box that promised to give any old HDTV a new lease of life.
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unlike the black box in an aircraft, this one does not record your TV activity but instead, this little black box will give your old HDTV Ethernet port, USB ports, WiFi capability with DLNA support and access to Internet apps. i guess it will eliminate your plan to switch to a newer LCD offerings, at least for the time being.

no words on the pricing, but i am guessing we will know in the next couple of days. more advanced and up-to-date LCD are not that expensive nowadays which begs the question (again) “is there really a market for LG Smart TV Upgrader?” strangely, LG must have thought there is indeed consumers who “don’t want to buy a brand new TV, but want new features.” but then again, price-wise, this device must be cheap enough to justify not buying a brand new LCD TV.

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