just when we thought Logitech is sinking into the background of the computer speakers market, it came up with a sleek, contemporary solution that had us at ‘hello’. by contemporary, we mean going the Bluetooth route. sporting gentle curves and a fabric finish, the Logitech Z600 Bluetooth Speakers are designed to complement your equally good-looking Mac and Ultrabook mobile computers. breaking away from the wired tradition, Logitech opt to use Bluetooth as the main source of connectivity with your Bluetooth-enabled laptops. however, a USB Bluetooth transceiver is also included to ensure non-Bluetooth equipped laptops or desktops can also enjoy quality wireless audio streaming, or if you so choose, you could go with the 3.5mm input, which the Z600 is also equipped with.

one particularly noteworthy feature of the Z600 is its ability to pair and remain active with three devices simultaneously, and switching among the three connected devices is a simple pause-play affair. other highlights include a seamless touch-responsive control (located on the top of the right speaker), discreetly located misc buttons and input (specifically, the 3.5mm auxiliary input), a 3-driver per speaker design for superior acoustics, and finally, there is the specially designed, lay-flat cables that run between the two speakers and the power adapter for minimizing the mess on your desk. the Logitech Z600 Bluetooth Speakers will be hitting the shelves in US and EU markets next month for $149.99. no word on when it will reach out to elsewhere in the world. join us for a small image gallery of this awesome pair after the break.

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