Louis Vuitton iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Case Folio

LV’s New iPhone Cases’ “Exclusive” Adhesive Is Not Quite Exclusive

When it comes to mega designer label like Louis Vuitton, they can dispense with all the market gibberish. Really. I mean, what is “creativity and savoir-faire: resistant and extra-slim” even mean anyway? Nothing. All we know is, it is from the Parisian company that has long been known for luxury and quality, and also, how can anyone say no to the timeless beauty offered by the brand’s iconic monogram? (the checkered Damier pattern, not so much, though). Anywho, here it is, seeking “the roots of travel” is this iPhone 7 and 7+ case Folio which is, as the product name explicitly implies, a folio-style case for your beloved iDevice.

Louis Vuitton iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Case Folio

Instead of the cumbersome case-slapped-on-folio design, LV has taken hints from independent designers and employ a case-with-adhesive design, and it is not just any adhesive, the company claims. It is an “exclusive technology” which is gecko-inspired, which means, it is going stick pretty damn well. Sounds like micro suction technology at work here but anyways, you know how it works: your precious device adheres to it without a molded case like many folio cases do, thereby giving the folio an extra streamlined look.

Added benefit includes your choice device colors will not be hidden, which is kind of my cuppa, but it will not be without trade off. I have ever dropped a phone in similar case and if that happens when the folio is open, then you’d be prepared for the possibility of your device taking damage. It is not a theory. It has proven – by me. The Louis Vuitton iPhone 7 case is available through online and in brick-and-mortar store now for “around $150” while the larger version for iPhone 7 Plus will only be available later this month.

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Louis Vuitton iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Case Folio

Images: Louis Vuitton.

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