A bottle of Coca-Cola is probably not the best of gift ideas, but the marketing team over at Coca-Cola Japan came up with a brilliant idea that may just make bottles of Coca-Cola gift-worthy. The secret lies in the seemingly nondescript Christmas-themed label. With just a few steps, the label actually turns into a gift ribbon. It is an idea that’s as simple as it is mind-blowing. Really. Ok, maybe it is not mind-blowing, but it does put a smile on my face. It is one of those marketing campaign that makes you feel good which kind of makes the campaign a success? Maybe.

Anyways, gifting bottles of Coca-Cola is kind of ‘cheap’ and definitely won’t make you ‘look good’, but hey, you know what they say? It is the thought that counts, isn’t it? Moreover, a bottle of Coca-Cola isn’t all that expensive, so perhaps it could make a cheeky and fun gift to someone who you have never gifted before, like, for example, a not-so-close friend? Just maybe. Go on and witness the magic unfolds before your eyes in the embedded video below.

Image: Coca-Cola Japan.

via Airows

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