The stick vacuum has evolved from being light and powerful to not so light but does more than vacuum dirt and debris; it now washes (read: mops) the floor too. This stickvac you see here ain’t a Dyson, though; it’s from MACH, a stickvac line from Anker’s sub-brand eufy.

MACH V1 Ultra All-in-One Cordless StickVac with Steam Mop

MACH V1 Ultra goes beyond vacuuming and mopping; it is the world’s first all-in-one cordless stickvac with steam mop. Though I am not if that statement is true because LG CordZero A9 Kompressor is also a steam power mop. Anyhoo… inside that chunky brush/mop attachment is the industry’s first Cordless SteamWave technology that generates steam of temperature of up to 230°F (110°C) in just 20 seconds.

The constant flow of heated steam aids in erasing stubborn stains, as well as removing germs and built-up grime, wet or dry. Its steam feature is also the first in the industry to be TÜV Rheinland certified for 99.9% germ removal. Eufy says the steam is effective in removing germs including Esherichi coli, Aspergillus niger, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, for example.

It’d be pointless to be rolling over floors with contaminated roller and that is why the MACH V1 Ultra further boasts Always-Clean Mop technology that continuously washes the roller brush as it cleans to prevent recontamination of floors.

MACH V1 Ultra All-in-One Cordless StickVac with Steam Mop

And when all is done, its triple self-cleaning system will thoroughly wash the roller brush with cleaning fluid, while aqueous ozone reduces odors and germs, and finally, hot air is circulated to dry the roller.

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This high-tech stickvac further features JetBlades technology which has powerful fans to dry the floor instantly as you mop and it also touts a Tesla Valve that mixes floor cleaner and water in perfect proportions. The Tesla Valve also uses water only when needed, thereby reducing waste, and the tank can store enough cleaning solutions for up to a month’s use.

Other notables include a 65 dB low noise self-cleaning process, wet and dry separation for easy disposal, up to 82 minutes runtime on a single charge, built-in LCD that shows cleaning status and smart alerts for repair in real-time, and smart app integration which allows you to schedule self-cleaning, charge on the charging status, and more from anywhere.

MACH V1 Ultra All-in-One Cordless StickVac with Steam Mop

The MACH V1 Ultra All-in-One Cordless StickVac with Steam Mop does not come cheap, though. It will set you back at a pretty nutty US$699.99. There’s also a model without steam cleaning and Jet Blades Quick Drying Technology, dubbed MACH V1, that is slightly cheaper at US$579.99.

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Images: eufy/MACH.

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