Getting a busy desk organized and have everything within arm’s reach is no easy feat, but with the MagEasy Modular Magnetic Desk Tidy/Folio, it is easy. Magnetically easy. In fact, MagEasy is more than just a desk tidy. It is a complete organizing solution for the desk and for when you are on-the-go.

MagEasy Modular Magnetic Desk Tidy/Folio

If you are a person who can work in clutter of mess, then look away. However, if you can’t, MagEasy might just be what you need your life. The product idea is simple enough. The desktop stand or folio features strong magnets embedded into it, so you can stick different modules to keep objects organized.

It is really that brilliantly simple and yet it is hard to explain in words. Nothing say it better than the product’s pitch video:

If you are sold by the idea (and why wouldn’t you?), you may want to consider picking up MagEasy Modular Magnetic Desk Tidy/Folio on Kickstarter for $35-58. Yes. Believe it. It is this inexpensive. Like, what’s not to love, right?

MagEasy Modular Magnetic Desk Tidy/Folio
MagEasy Modular Magnetic Desk Tidy/Folio

Images: Facebook (Lhids Creative).

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