Poop Cube from design-centric Superpet is a new cat litter box that beats traditional litter box by miles in both the looks and functionality departments. It is a stylish enclosed cat litter that contains the odor and prevents tracking.

Superpet Poop Cube Cat Litter Box

We don’t know if cats rather have privacy when they are doing their business, but Poop Cube certainly offer them the privacy. It has a translucent two-way opening flaps that has a simple switch to let to choose how kitty enters and leave the box.

In the event the cat exits from the top, stray cat litters on top will automatically drop back into the litter box when lift the lid to clear the box. Simple and clever.

Superpet Poop Cube Cat Litter Box

If you opt for the full package, you will also dust pan, hand brush and mat to catch litter from kitty’s paws – in addition to the standard issue scoop.

If you like the idea, you can pick up the Superpet Poop Cube Cat Litter Box from Kickstarter for $59-69. The campaign is funded and it will end in around 5 days time. Delivery is expected to happen starting this month (May).

Images: Superpet.

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