There is little to complain about pens, except that they are mostly a little too roll-happy. Damn the flooring for not being perfectly leveled. While you probably can’t do anything about not leveled floor or table, you can help by getting a pen that does not roll. How? Well, you could go with a hexagonal cross section pen or you could look to MAGNO-INK Magnetically-powered, Anti-roll Pen – the world’s first and only magnetically controlled pen.

MAGNO-INK Magnetically-powered Anti-roll Pen

Key features include standard replaceable ballpoint cartridge, internal brass counterweight to prevent rolling on flat surfaces, and dual-power magnetic technology, powered by high-strength Neodymium magnets, that holds everything together. No screwing around, ever. Two models are offered: one of aluminum and the other, space-grade titanium. The former is available in a choice of colors, while the latter is available in polished or satin finish.

Space-grade titanium is, btw, the same material used to make space-bound rocket’s fins. So, you can imagine how durable that is. Not that you will be needing that kind of toughness for a writing instrument, but it is certainly nice to have. It makes a conversational piece that you can slip inside your breast pocket. Plus, it looks totally sleek and classy all at the same time.

If you are down to owning one, you can do so by making a pledge a unit on Kickstarter. Depending on the choice of material, how soon you act on it and how many pieces you are looking at, the pricing ranges from £27 (about US$34) for a single aluminum version to £2,250 (around US$2,848) for 50 units of the Titanium version.

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The campaign just started not too long ago (a few days, maybe?), but already, it has seen quite some support that help it blast past its set funding goal. So, yeah, if you pledge for a product, you are in fact pre-ordering the product which, if all goes as planned, will be delivered sometime in November 2019. Skip ahead for a look at the product promo video.

All images courtesy of HRIBARCAIN.

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