Marshall Headphones Pitch Black

Marshall Headphones Major Pitch Black
(photos: Marshall) Marshall Headphones Pitch Black | from US$80.00 |

long before Apple make white looks good on gadgets, black was the predominant color of most gadgets, save for some fusion of wenge or polished silver or whatever. fervent fan of all things black lament the near-demise of gadgets in black, however, all hope is not lost. you can get back at the white paint job movement with the new Marshall Headphones Pitch Black. featuring a completely colorless colorway (?), the Pitch Black is simply just black and nothing more. available for both of Marshall Headphones, namely, the Major and the Minor. the former also features a denim headband amplifying its road-going heritage. never mind that not all on-the-road rockers prefer denims over leather tights. anyway, the colorless outlook turns the Marshall Headphones into a minimalist cans, along with a touch of mystic to it and not mention it will make you look the part of Pleasantville perfectly. the Marshall Headphones Pitch Black can be yours with price tags of $80 for the Minor and $135 for the Major. we think they are pretty affordable but if you are hesitant in putting down your hard earn dough on them, perhaps you can take a shot at Marshall’s Pitch Black giveaway contest and have a chance in snagging a beautiful all-black custom-designed Marshall Class 5 amplifier and a matching set of Major and Minor headphones. all you have to do is to post a photo or video of yourself in corpse paint on Marshall Headphones’ Facebook page. more look, including some examples of corpse-look, after the break.

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