McDonald’s, like so many pop culture products, has become its own country of sort. The American fast food chain has declared March 02, 2020, the “National Egg McMuffin Day.” Yup. That is a thing now.

It has yet to become the UN itself, so it isn’t a “International Egg McMuffin Day.” So what’s happening on this day (that’s a Monday, if you are lost in time)?

McDonald’s Free Egg McMuffin March 2

Simple. On Monday, March 2nd, i.e. the “National Egg McMuffin Day,” McDonald’s is giving you a free Egg McMuffin. Like, who doesn’t like free food, right?

This free Egg McMuffin is only available at participating McDonald’s in the U.S. All you need to do is to head on down to the any participating McDonald’s on March 2 between 6-10.30 AM local time to grab the free Egg McMuffin.

You do need McDonald’s mobile app to redeem this offer. Unfortunately, this “national holiday” does not excuse you from your work.

Images: McDonald’s Corporation.

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