For some men, a well endowed manhood can be a pain in the butt, like, you know, the constant need to adjust it? Well, if you have this problem, then we are not surprised if you have found yourself caught with your hands in your pants more than once. While it seems like men have to live with this irksome inconvenience, a New York-based startup Eletrunks think it may have crack the code and possibly, relief you have any future embarrassments. Founded by one Michael W. (we are certain he is not a Smith), Eletrunks men’s underwear features an innovative design that allows the wear to discreetly adjusts his junk without actually digging his hand down into the pants.

Eletrunks Manhood-adjusting Underwear

Unlike regular underwear which has no distinction between the manhood area and the rest of the underwear, Eletrunks has a separate ‘pouch’ for your precious one. The pouch isolates the junk from the legs, thereby preventing compression and since it is in its own containment, temperature is more regulated and therefore, your lovely meat won’t feel as oppressed as it would in a normal undies. A string, aptly called The Lifter, on the pouch lets you tuck on your meat to adjust it from waist level while a “safety tunnel,” which the string runs through, prevents “over adjustment.”

Eletrunks Manhood-adjusting Underwear

Eletrunks is by no means a be all and end all solution to an age-old men’s woe, but like we said, it sure beats getting caught with your hand in the pants. It is not 100% discreet, but it is subtle enough to prevent drawing glares from others. In addition to empowering the wearer with the ability to adjust without awkwardness, Eletrunks also boasts a couple of comfy features, including flat-lock stitching for maximum comfort along the seams and a gusset which Eletrunks said offers “perfect coverage” under the legs that would eliminate chafing.

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Eletrunks had a less than successful Kickstarter campaign, but as words of this junk-adjusting brief gets out, stocks on its website were all snapped up. If you like one (or two, or however many), you can pre-order it for $28 a pop. Eletrunks is made in the U.S.A and so logically speaking, quality should be a non-issue and you’d also be supporting local employment in the U.S.

Ok, now that mankind has addressed manhood adjustment, it is now time to look at how to scratch those balls without drawing undue attentions.

Eletrunks Manhood-adjusting Underwear

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