Every birthday is special but there’s something about milestone birthdays that are huge, and you have to go all out for presents.

A personalized card has to be at the top of the list alongside a present – it can be hard to buy for someone who already has everything, so sometimes aiming for something they love and can add to their collection is the way to go. For example: if they love baking, buy something they can use for baking.

Luxury Presents

Milestone Birthday Present Ideas Luxury Presents
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If you are looking for a luxurious present, consider an espresso maker, a high-end travel bag, or possibly a coffee table book, if they are interested in fashion or design.

Wine/alcohol Glass Set

Alcohol is always a go-to for a milestone birthday or something personalized like a wine glass, beer glass or mug, or a set of glasses. Alcohol itself can be a high-end present, depending on the type of alcohol and its age. A bottle of champagne is perfect to celebrate a milestone.

A Weekend Trip Or Spa

For huge birthdays for someone you really love, how about surprising them with a trip or a short getaway? In the form of a camping trip, a cruise, or a spa day. A trip is something that everyone enjoys – no matter if you just turned 18 or if you are celebrating your 60the birthday. Some of the most beautiful places to travel to include the South of England, Portugal, Italy, Greece, and France. Cruise lines such as P&O Cruises, Cunard and Fred Olsen sail from the UK to many gorgeous destinations. You can even sail to the Caribbean on a luxurious cruise ship from Britain and visit Barbados or Saint Lucia.

Gift Vouchers

Milestone Birthday Present Ideas Gift Vouchers
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Consider gift vouchers for someone you’re stuck to buy for. You could think about buying them an experience they will love – ride a sports car, go flying, experience an escape room, etc. Simple gift vouchers are also available for restaurants, cocktail lounges, cinemas, theatres, and fitness centers. Popular festivals may also offer them as do the App Store and iTunes, among others.

Alternatively, you could design your own voucher. This is easy to do and usually can be done with an app and a printer. Vouchers can also be ordered from marketplaces such as Etsy. You can purchase some from Amazon and of course, Amazon offers its own vouchers with fun birthday messages which can be sent by email.

Original Newspapers

Which events took place on the day of someone’s birth? This is something that may especially interest seniors who might enjoy reading an original newspaper that was published on the day they were born. Some shops offer these for this purpose and often combine them with gift packages that can be purchased along with the newspaper.

There are plenty of great presents that can make someone’s day a little brighter when celebrating a milestone birthday, so don’t worry. You are sure to find the right gift for the occasion.

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