Mini Rechargeable USB Turntable – rips vinyl to mp3

Mini Rechargeable USB Turntable
(image: ThinkGeek) Mini Rechargeable USB Turntable | US$99.99 |

if you have a fervent love for the now passe vinyl records or just simply love to play along with a different drumbeat, then this might be just the perfect gadget for you. meet the Mini Rechargeable USB Turntable, a belt driven turntable that spins 33 1/3, 45, as well as 78 RPM vinyl records, and can accommodate 7-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch records. not only does this player let you relive your vinyl spinning days anywhere, anytime with its built-in dynamic full range stereo speakers but it can also rips your favorite vinyl into the modern day digital music format suitable for play with a more contemporary gadget like the iPod or other mp3 player. when closed, the mini turntable appears to be a neat brief case with black leatherette exterior with heavy duty corner guards, and held closed with retro-look chrome snap closure. another great idea that saves your music from disappearing with the molds. the Mini Rechargeable USB Turntable, however, does not come cheap. such retro-ish charming modern gadget will set you back at $99.99 a pop.
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