Be one of the first to test MisBits, a wacky action-adventure video game with a bunch of zany characters, by being a beta tester. Developed by 3BLACKDOT, MisBits is a frenetic and witty multiplayer action-adventure game for warriors, builders, thinkers, explorers and creators (or basically everyone).

MisBits Video Game Closed Beta

Here’s the gist of what the game is about:

“MisBits is a fun and fast-paced multiplayer action adventure sandbox game for players of all types. Players control one of many collectible heads as they explore, build, share, and battle in an endless whimsical universe of toys…

In MisBits, each head is a unique character with its own campy, over-the-top personality and flashy design. In addition to building amazing games and worlds, these special toy heads can attach to different bodies and vehicles for added superpowers and mobility in exploration or battling games.”

Hmmm, why does it sounds like you will be playing as the milder version of Sid from the first Toy Story movie?

And here’s the reveal trailer to get all psyched up:

MisBits closed beta is only available on PC via Steam. From what we have read, beta testers will be putting two modes to their paces: Deathmatch and Kick Brawl.

In Deathmatch, the objective is to knock competitor heads off their bodies for points, street cred and MisBits fame.

MisBits Video Game Closed Beta

In Kick Brawl, you will be playing in a ‘combat-style soccer’ arena to score epic goals and make the crowds roar.

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If you are down, you can sign up for the closed beta HERE.

Images: 3BLACKDOT.

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