missing the 80s? get this retro-licious iPhone case

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(image credit: ThumbsUp!) 80s Retro iPhone Case | £PoA | www.thumbsupuk.com

get a feel of a blast from the past while still retaining the wholesome goodness of the 21st century technology with this 80s Retro iPhone Case from ThumbsUp. the 80s mobile phone was affectionally known as the brick phone because its sheer size was comparable to a brick, so to speak. ever since, mobile phones have scaled down drastically but you can get those bricky days back with this cheeky iPhone case which is sure to turn heads. this is as close as you can get to a brick phone other the ARKHippo I case.

the case fits both iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 and it doubles as a stand, both horizontally and vertically. having a 80s theme party and don’t wish your high-tech phone spoiling your Duran Duran look? get this.

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