unless have ample cash to splurge on a Mac Pro, you will have to leave without expansion slots in your Mac life. which means missing out on those fantastic pro-grade PCIe adapters in the market that could help speed up your work flow. with the mLogic mLink Thunderbolt Expansion Chassis, your slot-less life might be a thing of the past. the mLink allows PCIe cards such as RAID controllers, 10GigE, Fiber Channel as well as audio/video capture cards to be connected to your Mac desktop (mini and iMac) and laptop computers and doing so with a high-performance 10Gbps transfer rate. other highlights include easy install and swap design, support for half-length, Thunderbolt-aware PCIe cards, two Thunderbolt ports, supports daisy-chaining up to six Thunderbolt devices, silent smart-blower for optimal cooling and of course, this baby will turn on and off along with your Mac once it is hooked up. performance and specs asides, this peripheral also offer a very attractive white and silver chassis, along with a beautifully designed form factor that we think would go pretty damn well with your aluminum-clad Mac machines. the mLogic mLink Thunderbolt Expansion Chassis is available now with a $399 sticker. scroll down for a few more larger views.

mLogic via Geeky Gadgets

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