Morgan LE60 Anniversary Cars

Morgan Motor Company has revealed LE60 Anniversary Cars with three limited-edition specifications to mark sixty years of the marque’s partnership with its retailer in the Netherlands, Louwman Exclusive.

Only five cars have been created: two Plus Six models in Ice Blue, a pair in Scintilla Silver, and one Almond Green 3 Wheeler.

Features of the Ice Blue LE60 Plus Six include 19-inch alloy wheels, yellow accents, LE60 decals on the hood side vents, black pebble-texture leather with yellow diamond seat stitching, LED60 headrest embroidery, and a matte tawny wood dashboard and tunnel top trim.

As for the Scintilla Silver LE60 Plus Six, it boasts 18-inch black Speedster wheels, yellow brake calipers, the number ‘6’ painted in yellow within the grille, yellow horizontal seat sticking and matching LE60 headrest embroidery, yellow band around the trailing edge of the hood, and dashboard and tunnel top in body color.

Finally, the LE60 Morgan 3 Wheeler also carry on the yellow theme found on the Plus Six, along with a laser-engraved design on the leather dashboard panel.

The super limited edition Morgan LE60 Anniversary Cars are being sold at, you guessed it, Louwman Exclusive.

The Almond Green LE60 Morgan 3 Wheeler has a sale price of €73.500 VAT on vehicle (around $79,150), or €52.500 export price (about $56,520), while the Ice Blue LE60 Plus Six and Scintilla Silver LE60 Plus Six sells for €138.700 VAT on vehicle (roughly $149,330), each, or if exporting, €95.123 (≈ $102,410).

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All images courtesy of Morgan Motor Company.