driving is much like text messages and emails. they are cold and inexpressive, which can often leads to unnecessary disputes. while smiley faces or emoticons have somewhat help alleviate the emotionless texts and emails, car drivers aren’t so fortunate, well… until now. meet MotorMood, a clever gadget that puts a light-up smiley face at the back of your car so you can let others know you are not in rage or simply to show your appreciation to other road users for letting you take the lane. it may sounds silly, but trust me, this is what the automobiles of today lacks. our vehicles are after all, cold glass and metal, which are not something quite apt for expressing anything at all and the growl of the big bore exhaust can only lead to invitation to a challenge.

imagine the situation when you accidentally cuts into someone else’s lane, which more often than not, is a provocation and possibly the start of a road rage, but with the MotorMood, all you need to do to say that you are sorry is to hit one button and the smiley stuck to the back of your car will light up, expressing your feeling. however, it may not work as well if there’s a serious nut job behind you, but it should quell any potential rage for regular people. the contraption consists of a backlit smiley face decal and a small remote control that attaches to the car’s visor. at a touch of the button, the smiley will illuminate for 12 seconds to express ‘your feelings’. it is a simple idea, but one that could potentially make the road a better place for everyone.

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we only wish that the apologetic expression could be something else other than a smile cos’ not everyone takes rude action that comes with smile as apologetic. MotorMood will be taking this wholesome endeavor to Kickstarter and if you are all up it, do hit up their website to sign up for latest updates.

MotorMood Lets You Say Thanks To Other Road Users

a big thanks to Alex for the heads up and images.

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