a desk is just a piece of wood and that hasn’t changed for ages, but seriously, it really ought to change. why? so that we can save ourselves from awkward desktop organizers we use in desperation to keep our 21st century lifestyle organized atop of this flat piece of wood and the SlatePro is here to introduce that change. crafted from pure bamboo topped with a protective clear acrylic sheet, the surface of the SlatePro sits on a set of handcrafted steel legs and features several built-in docks with openings beneath for charging cables so you can dock and charge your smartphones and tablet right off the desk, while the center of the tabletop has large vented holes to keep your laptop cool and also provides space for cables and cords to pass through for a clean, clutter-free look.

additionally, there is also a stationery slot for you pens and stuff, an area where a heavy duty mousepad sits flushed with the table, a designated area for your coffee cup (complete with heat-resistant cork base), and last but not least, a few pegs are in place for organizing your favorite literatures. the SlatePro is a product of iSkelter and is available through the product’s Kickstarter campaign for a special of $398 and up. delivery is expected to happen between May and July, depending on which reward level you opt for.

Kickstarter via OddityMall

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