NAD VISO 1 in Gloss White

NAD VISO 1 in Gloss White
(photos: NAD) NAD VISO 1 in Gloss White | £499.00 |

it is indeed strange that virtually all made for iDevice sound dock comes in black. did it occur to you that a white iPhone or iPod Touch doesn’t really go well with a black speaker system? the good thing is, some electronics maker such as NAD Electronics took notice of this disparity and introduced a gloss white-finished version of its awesome-looking VISO 1 Digital Music System. however, the difference from the original VISO 1 does not go beyond the color, which is probably good enough for those who laments that black doesn’t go well with their clean-room white interior decor. in short, it is an answer to the vanity-need in some of us but we have to admit that the gloss white VISO 1 looks pretty damn sweet. if you aren’t already aware, the VISO 1 Digital Music System features Bluetooth aptX wireless hi-fi receiver, optical digital input, NAD Direct Digital amplifier, bi-amplified system with digital crossover, component video output, and 90 degrees rotatable docking cradle with 30-pin connector that charges your iDevice while it is spinning the tunes. the NAD VISO 1 Digital Music System in Gloss White is available now with the same SRP of £499 or around US$767, based on the current going rate. though it is worthy to note that the finishes may be limited by the location, therefore, some areas or countries may not get this beautiful gloss white version. what a bummer, isn’t it? check a couple of larger views after the break.

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