PC gamers who are adamant about gaming on the couch will want this interesting gaming accessory from gaming hardware company nerdytec called Couchmaster Cycon2.

nerdytec Couchmaster Cycon2 Lapdesk

Couchmaster Cycon2, as the product name hints, is the a follow up to the company’s made-for-couch gamers desk (called ‘lapdesk’). That’s right. It is indeed a table for use on a couch, so you comfortably get on with gaming while having everything you need over your laps.

Mind you, though. This is not simply a board with a pair of cushions cobbled together. The nerdytec Couchmaster Cycon2 Lapdesk is more. It comes with no less than 6 USB ports, magnetic flaps, and a screw, if you so choose to use it, for cable storage.

nerdytec Couchmaster Cycon2 Lapdesk

The unit also comes with a USB cable with a 2-in-1 cord for power and USB 3.0 connection to provide power to your gears. Plus, there’s a fast-charging port to quickly juice up a tablet, or a smartphone, and a practical mouse bag. The design is rounded up with two side compartments for beverage or other gaming accessories.

Couchmaster Cycon2 Lapdesk sells for US$179 each and it can be pre-ordered from us.nerdytec.com as we speak.

nerdytec Couchmaster Cycon2 Lapdesk

If anyone’s interested, there’s also a so-called CYPUNK Limited Edition version (US$239) that pays tribute to a particular long-awaited AAA blockbuster game (no prize for guessing which game!).

nerdytec Couchmaster Cycon2 Lapdesk

Images: nerdytec.

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