new old vintage of the week: 2010 Vespa GTS

Vespa GTS 250 Super 544px
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there’s just something about retro these days. the more technologically advanced we are today, the more we want a piece from yesteryear. so we redesign the vintage into a new product, throwing in the modern day livery. Vespa is a good example. of course, nothing beats a real vintage but being a real vintage could mean high maintenance, and not mention it is definitely not environmentally friendly. remember those coal-burning steam cars? those were definitely a big no-no in today’s context. Vespa has a history that dated back to 1946, and have since garnered quite a cult following. i still like the original vintage, despite being a potential target for the environmentalists. so let’s hit on the retro note, grab a Diana Mini lomo camera, an iPhone 4 with the retro iTape Deck case and hit the road on a Vespa. attire is entirely up to you.
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