we have featured a number of DJ gears here, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a DJ by profession to enjoy them which is precisely why we are featuring them in the first place (though it won’t hurt if you are one); to let you know that you can actually own them, such as this pair of DJ headphones from Swedish audio equipment maker Nocs, dubbed the Nocs NS900 Live Headphones. for the price of a high-end headphones, or $249.95 to be specific, the NS900 features 40mm custom-developed titanium drivers, replaceable ear cushions, a Glasfiber/ABS alloy housing with sandblasted, brushed and polished stainless steel elements, a PVD coated feather steel headband with an internal headband secured by steel hex screws, a cable lock system to keep the cable lock-in, in case your movement gets a little ‘over’, and each pair comes supplied with a range of cables, ensuring the NS900 will work with virtually any device.

in case you are wondering, what those devices are, they include iOS, Android, as well as Windows Phone 8. though the latter two only gets a one-button control with integrated mic, while the former features a three-button remote and mic, common to most iOS devices. so, regardless whether you are an audiophile or DJ, the Nocs NS900 Live Headphones will have you covered. you can pre-order yours today and expect shipping from December 20, 2013. steal a few more larger views in the image gallery below and while are there, do also check out a product promo video further down the post.

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