What you about to see is not the origami you and I have perceived. That’s right. The paper sculpture of a samurai warrior you see here is an origami art by Finnish artist Juho Könkkölä.

Origami Samurai Warrior by Juho Könkkölä

The mind-blowing thing about this origami is, it is folded from a single sheet of paper. Believe it.

Over 50 hours of painstaking folding, what started as a sheet of Wenzhou rice paper measuring 95 by 95-cm (37.4″ x 37.4″) has been turned into an intricately detailed samurai warrior that stands 28 cm (11″) tall.

Origami Samurai Warrior by Juho Könkkölä

Juho said this particular creation required several hundreds of steps and “there are probably thousands of individual folds.” Now, that is dedication. And yes, even the sword is part of the piece of paper.

Honestly, I am totality blown away. Have a look at the folding process in the video below. After that, you may want to check more of Juho Könkkölä’s works at his website as well as Instagram page.

Origami Samurai Warrior by Juho Könkkölä

Images: Juho Könkkölä.

Source: Colossal.

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