make robots a part of your green life with robo planters

Robo-planters by M.C. Langer 544x625px
(credit: M.C. Langer)

recently, i’m kind of into this thing called Terrarium. naturally, M.C. Langer instructable on how to create a robo-planter attracts my attention 100%. if you are into desktop gardening, so to speak, you might as well make your desktop garden stand out with unique, one-of-the-kind look planters. brown plastic planters are so passe, don’t you agree? in fact, this series of robo-planters are not the first from M.C. Langer. he had earlier posted instructions on making a rare planters re-using home junk but i thought the latest robo-planters look way cooler. Continue reading make robots a part of your green life with robo planters

GMAIL Motion April Fools joke is not a joke after all?

USC answer to GMAIL Motion with FAAST 544x311px
(credit: screenshot from ICT MxR Lab’s video)

we had a good laugh at Google’s GMAIL Motion. it turns out that the folks over at the University of Southern California did actually make it work. so is it for real this time round? check out the video after jump and judge for yourself. these dudes from the Institute of Creative Technologies or ICT has made Google’s joke a reality with the use of Microsoft Kinect, employing the same (fantasy, i say) gestures as Google has suggested in their April Fools’ Day video. while i enjoy this video, i still have doubt if this is even real.

somehow the acronyms FAAST (Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton Tookit) and SLOOW (Software Library Optimizing Obligatory Waving), does make me feel that this is yet another joke. however, the video also quantify that “this application is pretty ridiculous. however, the software powering it is real.” i still don’t know what to make out of this video. so, is it real or not? in anyway, if you are still not aware of the Google’s joke, you might want to check it out HERE.

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FUUVI Pick is a digital camera and a USB Flash Drive

FUUVI Pick 544x368px
(credit: FUUVI) FUUVI Pick Digital Camera | ¥4,830.00 |

with so many novelty USB in the market, you will be forgiven to think that FUUVI Pick is yet another fancy novel USB Flash Drive. well, not entirely true. it is a real working digital camera that’s good for both videoing and still images. measuring just 70 x 15 x 35 millimeters and weighs just a mere 24 grams, this camera can capture stills with a resolution of 1290 x 1024 (in JPG) with its 1.3MP sensor. video resolution is a modest 720 x 480 at 30 frames per second (fps) (in AVI). storage is via MicroSD card (max up to 16 GB) and downloading of data is as simply as popping off the end cap and insert its USB to your PC. essentially, this handy camera also doubles as a USB flash drive too. the FUUVI Pick has a price tag of ¥4,830 (about US$57).

FUUVI Pick 544x218px

FUUVI Pick 544x380px

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can’t afford an iPad? how about a plasticine iPad [video]

Plasticine iPad 544x311px
(credit: screenshot from Plasticine iPad video)

in this video shot for a Post Digital Brief at the British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow, depicts an iPad created out of plasticine and its functionality shown through a stop motion video. pretty cool. check out the video after the jump. what do you know? at least this video shows how an iPad will be like in 3D. plasticine modeling skills aside, this is a pretty well made stop motion video clip. i’m pretty sure Wallace will like to have one of these.

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ninja shuriken coat hook is the coolest way to hang your coat

Ninja Coat Hook 544x408px
(credit: Spinning Hat) Ninja Coat Hook | £7.99 |

we have featured a number of novel way to hang your coat and this one looks like anything but conventional. meet Ninja Coat Hook, a coat hook (obviously) inspired by the traditional concealed weapons of the Japanese assassin, the Shuriken. put up a bunch of this and they will make your hallway looks like it has just been raided by a bunch of Ninjas. constructed out of metal, the Ninja Coat Hook is designed to look like the real thing, right down to the razor sharp looking edges but of course, it just look that way. the edges are, in fact, smooth and coat friendly so there’s no worry that it way shred your coat. pretty neat, huh? Ninja Coat Hook cost £7.99 a pop and is available on Spinning Hat web store.

GMAIL Motion is one hilarious April Fools joke [video]

GMAIL Motion 544x300px
(credit: screenshot from GMAIL Motion video)

April Fools’ Day is gone as fast as it comes. we are not going to talk about the pranks that people have came up with. instead, we thought this prank by Google was really cool – it is called GMAIL Motion where user uses motion to do just about everything when working with their email. the idea is cool but our favorite ‘motion’ is the “lick a stamp and place it down” to send a message. it’s hilarious. check out the video after the jump. we are pretty sure you will enjoy the video as much as we do. that’s if you haven’t watch it yet.

GMAIL Motion via DVICE

iVIP debuts iVIP iPhones and App for the millionaires

iVIP iPhones 544x328px
(credit: iVIP) iVIP iPhone | from £2,000.00 |

how do like luxury lifestyle to be delivered through your gadgets? if yes, then you are in luck. iVIP does exactly that. call it the 21st century luxe club or whatever. it is a luxury lifestyle club delivered through its range of iPhone apps. yes, not just one but five apps and they are the Black ‘The Millionaire’s App’, Blue, Red, iVIP London and iVIP New York apps. the top ranging app is of course, the Black which cost a whopping $999.99 for an app and is available on the Apple AppStore. the app gives member access to exclusive privileges from a host of luxury partners including Virgin Limited Edition (Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island and The Lodge Verbier), Firmdale Hotels, among the many other premium brands, venues and services around the globe. Continue reading iVIP debuts iVIP iPhones and App for the millionaires

would you walk your dog with a gun pointed on its head?

Provodokus - Gun-shaped Dog Leash 544x360px
Povodokus – Pistol Shaped Dog Leash | US$tba(concept) |

there are two types of pet lover: the straight-face, no nonsense animal lovers and then there are those who are humorous and easy-going type. if you belong to the former type, you can stop reading here. nah! i’m just messing with you. huh? not funny? that’s a shame. anyway, for those with sense of humor, would you walk your dog with a gun pointing at its head? of course you wouldn’t. but for novelty sake, you probably can do just that with the Povodokus, a pistol shaped retractable dog leash designed by Art Lebedev Studio. plus, the red leash makes it looks like a red laser pointing at your beloved dog’s neck. nasty. guarantee to cause a panic in your neighborhood in an instant.

Provodokus - Gun-shaped Dog Leash 544x488px

Provodokus - Gun-shaped Dog Leash 544x908px

Art Lebedev Studio via Yanko Design

home pet scale is a scaled down veterinary weighing scale

The Pet Scale 544x544px
The Pet Scale | US169.95 |

if you love your pet dearly, you would probably be monitoring its weight obsessively. our common bathroom scale should do the job pretty well but some of our four legged friends are way to big for our bathroom scale to handle. unless, of course, your pet is a chihuahua. any bigger animal like a terrier would requires a rather trying effort to weight on a scale with an average surface area of just 140 square inch. here’s a dedicated scale, dubbed The Pet Scale, that should do the job perfectly.

if the above image does look familiar to you, you are right. the scale is modeled after the ones that you would see in most veterinarian’s offices. this scale is capable of taking up to 130 lbs of weight and displaying the readout in a tethered LCD that can be mounted to the wall. the scale also features a hold buttons to lock in the reading until it is pressed again. the scale measures 2 1/2 (H) x 16 1/2 (D) x 21 (L) inches which gives a generous 347 square inch of real estate suitable for small to medium size pets.

at $169.95, The Pet Scale doesn’t comes cheap but your love for your pet shouldn’t be measured by dollars. isn’t it? The Pet Scale can be powered by either the included AC adapter or four AA batteries (not included).

via Red Ferret

Apple fans, meet the PLAYMOBIL Apple Store Playset

PLAYMOBIL Apple Store Playset 544x388px
(credit: via thinkgeek) PLAYMOBIL Apple Store Playset | US$179.99 |

so you are an Apple fan? so i hear you have every new shiny gadgets from the fruit-logo company? perhaps not, until you own the PLAYMOBIL Apple Store Playset. well, PLAYMOBIL playsets may be made for kids but this miniature representation of the store that sells you those irresistible shiny gadgets, is a whole different story. not until you realize that it is an Apple Store structured with a customer service area, a kids area, a sales floor complete with MacBooks, iPads and iMacs and there’s even Keynote theater on the top level with Jobs on the stage. Continue reading Apple fans, meet the PLAYMOBIL Apple Store Playset

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