badminton match goes the Star Wars way [video]

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(credit: screenshot from video: Badminton Jedi)

a less than 30 second video that has four badminton players in a double match using light sabers instead of your regular badminton rackets. catch the fun video after the jump. worth the watch, if it isn’t, then it will be just 25 seconds of your life that you can’t get back. what have you gotta lose? of course, these dudes don’t actually use light sabers but its a layered-over effect complete with familiar light saber sound. if light sabers technology were to be believed, then this would probably be one bloody badminton match. check out it.

YouTube video via Geekologie

the next time you spot a seagull, it could be a robot

FESTO Smart Bird 544x338px
(credit: Festo)

now, it is not only hummingbird that we must be aware of. the next seagull you spot could be a flying robot. the upside is, it won’t poop on you indiscriminately or a take a bite off the food from your picnic basket, but the downer is, it could be spying on you. Festo has just unveiled the next generation of flight, dubbed the Smart Bird, which mimics a real flying seagull. you won’t believe how real it is to the real seagull. check out the video clip after the break to witness it for yourself. constructed out of ultra-light weight materials such as carbon fiber and sensitive control electronics, this piece of magnificently engineered bird weighs in at just 450 grams. strictly speaking, it weighs much lesser than your iPad 2. Continue reading the next time you spot a seagull, it could be a robot

MINIOT Cover is a classier alternative to Smart Cover

MINIOT Cover for iPad 2 544x288px
(credit: MINIOT) Miniot Cover for iPad 2 | US$69.00 |

among the slew of iPad 2 accessories flooding the market, the MINIOT Cover for iPad 2 is the probably the coolest yet. functioning same as the Apple’s Smart Cover, the MINIOT takes advantage of the magnetic property on the iPad 2 to perform the same task as the Smart Cover, but looks a whole lot cooler in wood. the MINIOT Cover is made out a single piece of wood and divided into individual sectioned strips, allowing it to be rolled up to prop up your iPad 2 as a landscape stand or for typing position. it also allows the iPad 2 to stand in portrait position, though i’m a little wary about the near perfect vertical portrait position which i thought would topple easily. similar to Smart Cover, opening and closing of the lid will turn the screen on and off. the use of single piece of wood offers an aesthetic advantage as it gives the cover a natural, continuous look.

the MINIOT Cover for iPad 2 retails for €50 or US$69. unfortunately, it is currently out of stock but you can head on down to MINIOT website and opt to be notified when it comes back on. check out a short intro of the MINIOT Cover for iPad 2 after the break.

MINIOT via Technabob

will this condom USB Flash Drive keeps your data safe?

Flash Condom by Eugene Filatov 544x408px
(credit: Eugene Filatov)

accordingly to its designer this condom USB flash drive will “reliably protect your information from viruses” (translated). now, this may be yet another novelty flash drive but you can’t deny it’s irresistibly charming factor, isn’t it? guys, take note. if you have an insatiable penchant for the ‘safety contraption’, why not pay your homage to your ‘penchant’ with this device? unfortunately, we have no idea where to buy this but if you are proficient in Russian language, perhaps you could contact Filatov about it. you know, there is something very alluring about the statement “all tactile sensations are identical with natural” (translated). we don’t know about you, but we want a pack of this! Continue reading will this condom USB Flash Drive keeps your data safe?

Japanese repaired Great Kanto Highway in just six days

Japanese repair highway in six days 544x408px
(credit: AP via Daily Mail)

gaping chasms on the Great Kanto Highway were there result of the 9.0 earthquake that hit Japan on March 11. reconstruction of this part of the damaged highway began on the March 17 and six days later, on the March 23, it was reopened to traffic. if there is anything Japan is lacking off, it is definitely not great engineers and the reconstruction of the Great Kanto Highway is a living proof. last but not least, we wish the Japanese all the best on the road to recovery.

Daily Mail via DVICE

MAME-CAM DX is a micro-size camera capable of HD videoing

Thanko MAME-CAM DX 544x368px
(credit: Thanko) Thanko MAME-CAM DX | ¥7,890.00 |

so you think the MAME-CAM‘s 640 x 480 resolution is kinda of lame? probably Thanko is reading your mind cos’ it has announced yet another micro size digital camera weighing just 14 grams. this time round, this 8MP device is capable of HD video recording in 1280 x 960 resolution at 30 frames per second (fps) and capture still images at 3,264 x 2,448 resolution. pretty incredible for something that measures just 45 x 29 x 10 millimeters. as a bonus, this nifty device can also be used as a voice recorder. storage is via micro SD/SDHC card (up to 32 GB) and data can be downloaded to PC or Mac via the included USB cable. the MAME-CAM DX is available via Thanko webstore for ¥7,890 (about US$97) a pop.

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Thanko MAME-CAM DX 800x800px Thanko MAME-CAM DX 800x800px Thanko MAME-CAM DX 800x800px

Thanko [JP] via CrunchGear

De Bethune DB-M gives your iPhone a pocket watch twist

DeBethune DB-M pocket watch case for iPhone 544x688px
(credit: De Bethune) De Bethune DB M iPhone Case | US$tbc |

pocket watches or some call it fob-watches used to be a symbol of masculine stature, however its presence was gradually overtaken when wristwatch were invented. in an attempt to bring back this stature symbol, De Bethune, a Swiss avant-garde mechanical time piece maker, introduces the DM-M – an iPhone case with a pocket watch fused to its back. powered by hand-wound mechanical Calibre DB 1024 with 6-days power reserve, the 31-jewels pocket watch features 212 components that are hand-decorated and snailed manipulate. Continue reading De Bethune DB-M gives your iPhone a pocket watch twist

new Samsung GALAXY Tablets are the world’s thinnest

Samsung Galaxy Tabs
(photos: Samsung)

just announced this Tuesday are the new tablets, GALAXY Tab 8.9 and 10.1 from Samsung. i was like: “didn’t i just reported the GALAXY Tab 10.1 like last month?” apparently, Samsung went back to drawing board right after the 10.1 announcement during the Mobile World Congress last month and here is the result: a 10.1-inch tablet, together with the 8.9-inch model, takes the world’s thinnest tablet crown – beating the iPad 2 by a mere 0.2 mm. apart from the physical size difference both tablets are pretty much similar to each other. the Tab 8.9 and Tab 10.1 both features dual core processing, dual camera set-up and three storage capacity options. Continue reading new Samsung GALAXY Tablets are the world’s thinnest

Fisker Karma first production vehicles to roll off next month

Fisker Karma Hybrid Extended Range Electric Vehicle 544x368px
(image credit: Fisker Automotive) Fisker Karma EVer | from US$88,000.00 |

Fisker Automotive announced on Monday the production of the first Karma hybrid plug-in vehicles which are expected to be ready to ship out to its retail locations in US and Europe to serves as demonstrator models. for those who has put in money for the Karma, you can expect shipment in June and July this year and Fisker expects to fulfill those orders by October. the vehicles will be manufactured in small quantity at Valment Automotive in Finland with production numbers to be slowly ramped up to avoid any production hiccups. makes sense. since there’s no point in rushing and delivering less-than-ideal products. Continue reading Fisker Karma first production vehicles to roll off next month

TEROOS lets you go shopping with your friend, virtually

TEROOS shoulder mounted avatar 544x308px
(credit: screenshot from DigInfo TV)

sometime shopping alone can be quite uninspiring. if we have something like the TEROOS, things would be entirely different. a group of researchers and members from the Keio University demonstrated the TEROOS, a shoulder mounted avatar for telecommunication at the Interaction 2011. essentially, the TEROOS is a miniature video chat robot that is mounted on your shoulder and allows your friend who is miles away to shop and chat with you. chatting is via video chat program such as SKYPE. the robot is equipped with a camera, mic and speaker which are necessary for any audio/video communication, and it is also capable of moving its head through six degrees of freedom.

the speaker is directional, hence aside from strange stares from passer-by, there are no worries that the response from your friend will be broadcast aloud. further, the camera operates within the wearer’s field of vision, thus giving the sensation of two person is standing next to each other. unlike telepresence, where the user can see the other party, the TEROOS’ user can’t. however, it has the ability to generate expressions which can be input by the person using the computer. much like emoticons, the computer user can choose from the range of expressions on the computer and communicates his or her feelings to the wearer. of course, the wearer gotta remember to turn off the avatar before heading on to the restroom.

movement of the robot is sent to a smartphone, which in turn, pass it to a microcontroller via Bluetooth signals. check out the video of an introduction by one of the team member and of course, TEROOS is getting some attention too.

via DigInfo TV

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