Skeletonics is a power-free exoskeleton suit

Skeletonics power-free exoskeleton suit 544x408px
(image credit: Project Skeletonics)

this group of Japanese engineering students proved that you don’t need to be a multi-national corporation with big bucks to build a real working exoskeleton suit and the best part is, it doesn’t required any form of electrical power. the project called “Sukerutonikusu” that translates to “Skeletonics”, which is a hybrid of the words “skeleton” and “mechanics”. Continue reading Skeletonics is a power-free exoskeleton suit

inflatable racing kart add realism to your racing experience on Wii

CTA Inflatable Racing Kart for Wii 544x408px
(image credit: CTA) CTA Inflatable Racing Karts for Wii | US$39.99 |

racing game fans will appreciate the realism that a racing simulator set-up can provide but often, these expensive set-up are reserves for consoles like xbox 360 and PS3. Wii fans are often left in the cold, until now. CTA, a firm specialized in gaming accessories, introduces the Inflatable Racing Karts for Wii – a inflatable kart designed in the style of a go-cart complete with a plastic steering wheel that holds your Wii-mote with or without MotionPlus. perfect for a game of Mario Go-Kart race. Continue reading inflatable racing kart add realism to your racing experience on Wii

want some free power? try this DIY wind powered turbine

The Zoetrope Wind Turbine 544x410px
(image credit: Applied Sciences/Mike Marohn)

before the wind cube actually makes into the market (if it ever does…), here’s an alternative that you can actually build at your own backyard using commonly available materials such as stove pipe, metal brackets, plastic sheet and a trailer hub. sure, you can always get the Israeli company, WINFLEX to build one of those low-cost inflatable wind turbine but nothing beats the satisfaction of building your own wind harvesting contraption, besides, you don’t really need the immense power, unless you want to take everything off the grid.

it’s great that Applied Sciences has decided to make the knowledge of construction of the vertical axis wind turbine available freely. head on to Applied Sciences website to find out more. who knows, the mad scientist in you may be able to improve the design and functionality further? check out the vertical axis wind turbine, dubbed The Zoetrope in action in the videos after the break.

images horizontal 544x38px

The Zoetrope Wind Turbine on a temporary stand 800x600px The Zoetrope Wind Turbine installed 800x600px

Applied Sciences via Hack A Day

Twelve South BookBook case for MacBook Pro, now for 17-inch

Twelve South BookBook case for MacBook Pro 544x378px
Twelve South BookBook Case for MacBook Pro | from US$79.99 |

owning expensive mobile devices means putting your devices in two unwanted situations: the knocks and bumps associated with road-going devices, and potential theft. well, Twelve South’s BookBook case for MacBook Pro is here to solve these two issues. first, it protects your MacBook Pro with its hardback cover and spine, and secondly, the vintage book look advert the attention of potential thieves. it will be just another vintage literature unless you happen to be a town where books are more valuable than a MacBook Pro. aside from the mentioned points, you will no doubt score big for style factor for having your Mac inside a book. Continue reading Twelve South BookBook case for MacBook Pro, now for 17-inch

Pad & Quill introduces The Octavo case for iPad 2

The Octavo for iPad 2 by Pad & Quill 544x311px
(image credit: Pad&Quill) Pad&Quill The Octavo for iPad 2 | from US$59.99 |

we always love a traditional book-like case for iPad, and here’s a latest from Pad & Quill: The Octavo for iPad 2. The Octavo for iPad 2 is touted to be the “slimmest design ever produced by Pad & Quill” and comes in three cloth colors, namely, Classic Red, Camden Blue and Field Green. the cover is of Italian bonded leather and the wrap around spine enables multiple viewing configurations. the case itself is made with lacquered 8 Baltic birch veneers. though, we would favor bamboo like the DODOcase item but the Octavo sports one feature that the book-like DODOcase doesn’t has: a hole for the rear facing camera. however, how well does the hole actually works for the iPad 2 camera is altogether another matter. Continue reading Pad & Quill introduces The Octavo case for iPad 2

Premium Leather Sleeve for iPad 2 for leather goods lovers

Vaja Premium Leather Sleeve for iPad 2 544x328px
(image credit: Vaja) Vaja Premium Leather Sleeve for iPad/iPad 2 | US$110.00 |

still sourcing for the ultimate in luxury for your iPad 2? well, this may just interest you a little but don’t expect glittering crystals or diamonds, though. Vaja is an Argentinean firm that specialized in leather products for your lovely gadgets and the latest to join the rank of luxurious leather products is the premium leather sleeve for use with iPad or iPad 2. did we mention that all Vaja cases are handmade as well? the combination of leather and handmade makes this a pricey case among the slew of iPad 2 cases currently on the market. in any case, this leather sleeve is made out of Vaja Exclusive Leather in a slim padded two tone design and the interior is of microfiber which protects your lovely device from accidental scratches. the handcrafting process requires 20 days and carries a premium retail price of $110. Vaja Premium Leather Sleeve for iPad/iPad 2 is customizable in terms of colors and is available via Vaja web store.

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Vaja Premium Leather Sleeve for iPad 2 800x480px Vaja Premium Leather Sleeve for iPad 2 - close-up 800x480px Vaja Premium Leather Sleeve for iPad 2 - close-up 800x480px

Grove iPad 2 case is the alternative to Apple’s Smart Cover

Grove iPad 2 Case 544x478px
(image credit: Grove) Grove iPad 2 Case | from US$79.00 |

i guess you will reading a lot about iPad 2 cases for the next couple of weeks. for those who just got your iPad 2, Grove has an up coming iPad 2 case that works like the sleek Apple’s Smart Cover but with the added advantage of all round protection for your shiny new gadget. the case is made out of solid 100% bamboo, and of course, you will have full access to all controls and ports, plus a set of precision cut speaker grill to let the sound out. the stitched vegetable tanned leather cover can be folded to prop up the iPad for watching movie or typing, just like the Smart Cover. as with all Grove products, buyer can choose to go for plain cover or cover with laser engraved designs. the Grove iPad 2 cases price starts from $79 for the plain version and are available for pre-order on Grove web store. however, there is no indication on the estimated delivery time. head on to Grove website to find out more. in the meantime, check out some brilliant images of this quality crafted product.

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Grove iPad 2 Case works like the Smart Cover but with added protection 800x400px Grove iPad 2 Case cover folds into stand for typing or watching 800x400px Grove iPad 2 Case options of laser engraved or plain cover 800x400px Grove iPad 2 Case - solid bamboo plus vegetable tanned leather 800x400px Grove iPad 2 Case - combination of CNC and hand craftsmanship 800x400px Grove iPad 2 Case - super high resolution engraving 800x400px

modern turboprop turns into surveillance aircraft

Beechcraft AT-6 Surveillance and Light Attack Aircraft 544x256px
(image credit: Hawker Beechcraft)

sometimes, for the sake of efficiency we have to take a step back in terms of technology. not everything that’s sleek, mean and shiny can be as efficient. this is exactly what the U.S. Air Force has realized with the operations in Afghanistan. USAF uses the A10 to provide battlefield surveillance and close air support to friendly troops which means expending valuable flying hours in an airspace that’s predominantly uncontested. so the idea is to use an aircraft that has the same capability but with a lower cost of operation. the answer is a modern day turboprop trainer aircraft that has an uncanny resemblance to a World War II fighter aircraft. Continue reading modern turboprop turns into surveillance aircraft

Silkworms that spins colored silk set to make dyeing obsolete

IMRE coloured silk cocoons 544x288px
(image credit: IMRE)

dyeing of silk to get the color you want might be a thing of the past, as the team of scientists in Singapore have created silkworms that can produce vibrantly colored and luminescent silks. these colored silk generating silkworms are the result of feeding the silkworms with a mulberry mixture containing fluorescent dye. the silk created by these laboratory silkworms are not only colored but also has luminescent or glowing properties.

having the silkworms producing colored silk is also significant in terms of environmentally friendliness as Euegne Low Ooi Meng, spokesperson for Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE) in Singapore, explains:

“the process provides a green alternative method of dyeing silk for the silk industry by reducing the vast amounts of water and dyes used in the labour-intensive conventional dyeing process.”

according to IMRE, this technology “is simple and cheap enough to be translated to an industrial scale.” aside from being environmentally friendly, this technology could open up doors to medical applications as Dr. Natalia Tansil, lead researcher behind the technology at the IMRE in Singapore, indicates the possibility of creating silk with antibacterial, anticoagulant and anti-inflammatory properties that could be used in wound dressing or to repaired damaged tissues. with this in mind, a silk wound dressings with the the capability of monitoring and sensing wouldn’t be far-fetch at all.

silk is a natural protein fiber which are widely used to create a lustrous, strong and yet reflective textiles. silk fabric was first developed in ancient China with history dated as far back as 3500 BC. China remains the largest producer of silk textiles followed by India being the second largest silk producers. Silk has long been considered as a luxury textile and still admired for its unique properties today.

via Australian Geographic

Olympus SZ-30MR takes still images and video simultaneously

Olympus SZ-30MR Digital Camera 544x311px
(image credit: Olympus) Olympus SZ-30MR Digital Camera | US$399.00 |

thanks to the dual image processor in the new Olympus SZ-30MR digital camera, you can now shoot 16 megapixel still images while recording a full HD 1080p video at the same time. indeed a good news to avid videographers, as there will be no more of disjointed video footages or fumbling for another digital camera just to capture a still image for that particular moment, which you could have missed entirely, while in the process of fumbling to grab another camera.

Olympus has managed to incorporate the same high-powered super-telephoto capability that normally makes SLR cameras bulk and heavy into this 106.3 x 68.7 x 39.5 mm slim form factor camera. the TruePic III+ dual image processing engines give the camera the ability to record full HD movies and capture full resolution images simultaneously, and that’s not all, it also allows user to record a wide shot and a close-ups simultaneously.

the SZ-30MR features a 16 megapixel backlit CMOS sensor which enables super image quality even in low light situations. this CMOS sensors are also suited for high speed image processing which also gives it the ability to carry out High-Speed Continuous Shooting. full HD movies of 1920 x 1080 pixels are encoded in MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 format which also comes with high quality stereo sound.

another feature is the 3D photo shooting function that enables user to capture dynamic 3D photos in any mode, ranging from macro to landscape. while shooting 3D images, both 3D file and regular JPEG files will be recorded. there’s even a ‘Pet Mode’ that will put a smile on any pet lover. in this mode, the camera automatically detects the dogs’ and cats’ faces, and focus on it before the shooting of the photo. this mode will work great with its Auto Release function, where it will automatically shoot the photo only when the subject turns to face the camera. pet owners will be certain to appreciate this feature immensely.

the SZ-30MR offers an optical zoom of 24X, and incorporates a generous 3-inch High Definition TFT-LCD display with 460,000 dots. storage of the captured images or videos is thru SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards and it is also Eye-Fi compatible. on the connectivity front, the SZ-30MR features a HDMI out for viewing of video and images on your TV and the USB battery charging enables the camera battery to be recharged from a PC while connected to a PC for downloading of data.

priced at $399, the Olympus SZ-30MR Digital Camera is scheduled to go on sale from late April, 2011.

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Olympus SZ-30MR Digital Camera image1 640x480px Olympus SZ-30MR Digital Camera image2 640x480px Olympus SZ-30MR Digital Camera image3 640x480px Olympus SZ-30MR Digital Camera image4 640x480px Olympus SZ-30MR Digital Camera image5 640x480px

Olympus via Gizmag

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