Calling out Ford Bronco lovers! If you are residing in stateside, your chance of securing an incredibly dope Old School BR almost immediately is here! ICON4x4 has partnered with Autotype to put an Old School BR under the hammer to allow one eager and likely very rich enthusiast to call it his/her own without too long a wait and at the same time, doing something good. The sale, if successful concluded, will see 10 percent of the proceeds going to the Autotype Scholarship Fund to aid students currently enrolled in design schools.

Autotype x Icon BR Old School

Be warned though, your love for this super cool restormod and charitable heart is not going to be cheap. The starting bid for the Autotype x Icon BR Old School #63 is a cool $200,000 and at the time of this writing, the current bid sits at $250,000. And it is just getting started. The online bidding for the Vista Orange Autotype x Icon BR Old School #63 started on February 26 at 9AM PST and it will not end until Friday, March 15 at 6PM PST. So, it has more than enough time for eager bidders to bump up the numbers. Vehicle delivery to the winning bidder is expected to happen in late March or early April 2019.

Autotype x Icon BR Old School

Here are the key features of the Autotype x Icon BR Old School #63:

• ICON-exclusive Art Morrison chassis
• 12-inch travel Fox Racing coilovers all-round
• Custom Currie Enterprises axles (Dana 44 front, Dana 60 rear)
• 33-inch-tall BFGoodrich tires
• Custom 18×8 billet ICON Old School wheels
• Brembo 4-disc system co-engineered by ICON
• Wilwood master cylinder and Hydratech hydro-boost
• Improved steering with modern PSC parts, including an Ididit column and a reproduction first-generation Mustang steering wheel
• An immaculate stock exterior with ICON side badges
• Vista Orange paint work, an original Early Bronco color
• Stock lighting housing with modern LED technology
• ICON design factory-look dashboard
• Vintage knobs and controls custom-machined from billet aluminum or stainless steel
• Custom Dakota Digital gauges interfaced with the fuel-injected engine’s ECU
• Pioneer Bluetooth/CarPlay-enabled head unit in custom security console
• Premium Arc Audio amplifier and Focal speakers
• Aircraft-rated leather upholstery
• Body tub coated with spray-on heat-treated polyuria material and body cavities filled with Dynamat material to achieve corrosion-resistance and noise-reduction

Autotype x Icon BR Old School

Also, here’s what you need to know about the Old School Series of ICON BRs:

“These vehicles feature renowned ICON styling and modern technology but retain original-appearing bodies and bumpers. From the outside, the Old School ICON BR appears to be a well-restored original Bronco, and that aspect shaves several weeks off of the build process compared to fully bespoke/made-to-order ICON BRs.”

Autotype x Icon BR Old School

There is still quite a wait for the Old School Series BRs (we heard it is still a two-year queue), though it may not as long compared to the bespoke example. This is where the auction shines, so to speak, as it allows the winning bidder to get behind one almost immediately.

Autotype x Icon BR Old School

All images courtesy of ICON4x4.

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