it ain’t heavy, it is my cast-concrete personal computer

Concretronic by D.Heiße main 544x688px
being a geek who once love customizing PC, i can’t help but to scour the net for some out of this world custom PC case mods. there are thousands of laudable mods, but none as heavy as this concrete PC case – literally. yes, concrete isn’t reserved for architectures, PC could have some use of this hardy material too.

the brain behind this industrial-look PC, aptly called Concretronic (concrete plus electronics, get it?), is modder D.Heiße who did this stunning custom for a modding contest. the case is made from a single, seamless layer of concrete wrapped around a metal structure and plexiglass.

metal parts are either hand-cut or machined and power coated in white. D.Heiße even took the pain to form up the concrete-cast power and hard-drive indicators. the concrete assault doesn’t stop there, even the SDD and HDD has concrete-cast covers. awesome work! this is one PC that has to be on the floor, or risk breaking the desk.

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Mitsuoka Himiko EV has an incredible 550-km range

Mitsuoka Himiko TGMY EV main 544x311px
(image credit: DigiInfo TV)

Mitsuoka, famed for its ultra-retro designs for their automobile, has its Himiko roadster reincarnated in the form of an electric vehicle, courtesy of TGMY. the car made its debut at the recent 2011 Japan EV show, and if its look did not give it the much deserved attention, then its incredible 550-km (340-mile) range certainly would. the Himiko EV is powered by TGMY’s AC induction motor, and features controller from Azure Dynamics and a two-speed gear box from Shigehara Inc. Continue reading “Mitsuoka Himiko EV has an incredible 550-km range”

RIMA desk lamp is most futuristic lamp we have ever seen

Dreipuls Rima Desk Lamp main 544p
(image credit: Dreipuls) Dreipuls RIMA Desk Lamp | US$tbc (concept) |

showcased in the imm Cologne in January is this much talked about red dot award-winning RIMA desk lamp by Dreipuls. this futuristic lighting contraption consist a series of 65 LED connected to a processor and lighting on/off is controlled by sliding the rings horizontally, much like a curtain rail ring system.

the RIMA desk lamp allows user to create one or two separate lighting areas with a total length of 90-cm and user can position the light anywhere along the strip or decide how ‘big’ the light is going to be et cetera. it is truly the world first ‘user definable’ lighting system. very futuristic indeed.

images horizontal 544x38px 
Rima Desk Lamp - in action 580px Rima Desk Lamp - operations 580px Rima Desk Lamp - turning on 580px Rima Desk Lamp - turning on 580px Rima Desk Lamp - side view 580px Rima Desk Lamp - close-up 580px Rima Desk Lamp 580px

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move over leather, quilted leather is the new name in style

HbyHarris Quilted Leather iPad case main 544x311px
(image credit: H by Harris) H by Harris Quilted Leather iPad Case | £165.00 |

black speaks of sophistication and quilted leather exemplifies classical luxurious style which is what the black quilted leather iPad case from H by Harris represents. we have seen countless leather iPad case but this one stands out from the leathery crowd. this H by Harris item features a double black zip side closure, one narrow oblong pocket and two large internal pockets, and of course, slapped with a handsome designer’s plague. the exterior is of 100% leather and the interior, cotton twill lining.

H by Harris Quilted Leather iPad Case measures 11-inches by 8.5-inches and retails at £165.00 (about US$266) from Browns online store. not exactly cheap, but that’s the price of luxury – just in case you don’t already know. if the quilted leather iPad case isn’t enough for the quilted leather lover folks, H by Harris has a collection of quilted leather goods including laptop case, backpack, tote, weekend bag and an very unique jacket that has a zip-on backpack on its back.

images horizontal 544x38px 
HbyHarris Quilted Leather iPad case - zipped 540x540px HbyHarris Quilted Leather iPad case - opened 540x540px

StreetFlyer lets you hand glide without the associated risks

StreetFlyer by Carsten Mehring main 544x368px
(image credit: StreetFlyer) StreetFlyer Hand-Glider on Wheels | US$tbc (concept) |

aways wanted to hand or para-glide but worry about the associated risks? fear not, you can now do so safely just 3-feet above the ground. the StreetFlyer created by Dr. Carsten Mehring, is exactly the machine that will let you do just that. this frame-like wheeled structure has a horizontal hand-gliding harness which readily transforms the user from running to horizontal position. oh, it has one thing that a real free-flying glider doesn’t has: brakes. now, you can’t actually stop a glider in midair, can you? sounds like a whole lot of fun to me. Continue reading “StreetFlyer lets you hand glide without the associated risks”

SAAB Roadster is a sit-on toy that won’t break your wallet

PLAYSAM SAAB Roadster main 544x400px
Playsam SAAB Roadster sit-on toy car | from approx. US$386.00 |

if the Konstantin Beta sit-on toy by Nika Zupanc is beyond your budget, perhaps this sit-on toy car based on Sixten Sason’s SAAB Roadster prototype 92001 from the Scandinavian design company, PLAYSAM, might be a less expensive alternative without sacrificing style and functionality. Continue reading “SAAB Roadster is a sit-on toy that won’t break your wallet”

X.RHex is the next generation weird-legs military insect bot

Kodlab X RHEX main 544x408px
(image credit: Kod*lab)

the future battlefield could be one that’s swam with bots scrambling around and nothing is more fearsome than one that can maneuver across almost any terrain. the X-RHEX is the next generation six-legged hexapedal robot that is touted to be stronger, more durable then its predecessor while maintaining its physical size and weight. the X.RHex now has a longer run time of up to two hours. Continue reading “X.RHex is the next generation weird-legs military insect bot”

the ‘treetop’ diner is the coolest diner we ever seen

Nana Harbor Diner main 544px
(image credit: Inhabitat)

a treehouse is every child’s dream playground, perhaps because it offers a hideaway sanctuary for a child to play out his fantasy either in the backyard of the house or for those adventurous at heart, at the fringe of some forested area. the dream of treehouse isn’t lost when we grow up. take for example, this awesome twenty-foot treehouse in Okinawa, Japan modeled after a life-size banyan tree – albeit it not being a real tree but a concrete structure complete with a restaurant nested among its branches, an elevator within its trunk and a spiral staircase at its back for accessing the restaurant.

Nana Harbor Diner img1 544px 
the restaurant in question is the Nana Harbor Diner which specializes in locally grown and organic foods. this magnificent treehouse restaurant is located within the, what do we know? a Banyan Town shopping center! which is near the entrance of Onoyama Park.

Nana Harbor Diner img2 544px 

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not content with just time pieces, Hublot now has sledges

The Hublot Luge main 544px
(image credit: Hublot) The Hublot Sledge | US$tbc |

not contented with just churning out gorgeous and ridiculously expensive time pieces, Hublot has a series of lifestyle products including skis, bikes and now sledges (or Luge). dubbed The Hublot Sledge, it is the result of a collaboration between Hublot and ECAL (Lausanne University of Art and Design) as part of its Masters in Luxury Design and Industry program which Hublot is one of the main sponsors since 2008.

make no mistake, this isn’t your ordinary run-of-the-mill sledge. every aspect of the sledge is the result of a fusion of artistic design with cutting-edge technology, thus fulfilling Hublot’s philosophy of the “art of fusion.” the sledge features an ash wood structure, hand-sewn leather seat, carbon fiber handles and steel runners. the Hublot Sledge is limited to just 10 units worldwide, and it will make its debut (on display) at the Alpine World Ski Championships 2011 in Garmisch Partenkirchen, Bavaria, Germany (February 7 to 20, 2011).

no words on its pricing and availability but when it is from Hublot and it has only 10 pieces worldwide, you know it’s going to cost an arm and a leg, or perhaps even more. but for design aficionados (i mean, the rich bunch), this will be the ultimate sledge to get even if sliding down a snow slope isn’t your cup of tea. it simply look awesome and if i had one, i won’t even let it touch the snow! check out more images of The Hublot Sledge after the jump.

images horizontal 544x38px 
The Hublot Luge img1 800x480px The Hublot Luge img2 800x600px The Hublot Luge img3 540x720px The Hublot Luge img4 800x600px

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DODOcase now comes in limited special Valentines Edition

DODOcase Valentines Edition main 544px
(image credit: DODOcase) DODOcase for iPad – Valentines Edition | US$74.95 |

if you are still looking for an unique iPad case, DODOcase has a very limited special Valentines Edition for yourself or your love one this Valentines’ Day. made from red faux leather instead of the standard black, and constructed using traditional bookbinding techniques, the special edition DODOcase features a gold heart embossed on the spine and a gold embossed DODOcase logo on the back. it certainly looks deliciously beautiful. Continue reading “DODOcase now comes in limited special Valentines Edition”