there are two types of products: those that you need and those that you want. basically, ‘need’ translates to something of a must-have nature and ‘want’ is something that you may not necessary need to execute a certain task, and the Pencil Bluetooth Stylus by FiftyThree you see here is clearly the latter. well, maybe the Pencil is a little of both. man, how can you ignore the beauty anyway? in this case, we shall pretend our fingers ain’t going to work as well and go ahead and lust after the Pencil. if you are already wondering why the Pencil looks so unusually broad for a stylus, well, it is because this ain’t your regular stylus; it is actually a Bluetooth-enabled stylus which bestow it with three special functionalities when used with FiftyThree’s Paper app: Palm rejection, Erase with the top tip, and Blend that allows you to use your fingers to smooth out edges and blend colors.

if you asked me, i’d say the first feature is the almost God-sent and i cannot imagine the frustration involving palm on iPad while drooling. it connects to your iPad Air, iPad 3 and 4, iPad mini, as well as the latest iPad mini with Retina Display via Bluetooth and it will of course, works as a regular stylus in any other app and on any touchscreen device. the Pencil Bluetooth Stylus by FiftyThree retails for $59.95 for the Walnut model (with magnetic snap) and $49.95 for the Graphite model. hit the jump for another look at this beauty and while you are there, do catch a product promo video to see it in action.

Pencil Bluetooth Stylus by FiftyThree

FiftyThree via The Verge

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