DSLR has seen widespread adoption by virtually anyone who demands one thing: resolution. Why? That’s probably these folks have yet to meet Phase One Alpha A-Series, a camera that brings a Phase One digital medium format back and an Alpha body together to empower you with the flexibility in control offered through traditional manual controls with advanced software and technology. The uber pro-grade digital imaging device will be offered in three models, namely a 80MP (A280), a 60MP (A260) and a 50MP (A250), each with its own speciality and offered in a choice of three lenses – Alpagon 5.6/23mm, Alpar 4.0/35mm and Alpagon 5.6/70mm.

Phase One Alpha A-Series Camera

In addition to the rear screen each camera has, the A-series will also come with a clamp to hold an iPhone or iPad (in a very cool way, if we might add) to wirelessly transmitted onto the larger screen of devices and selection of color and behavior profiles to handle the characteristics of each lens, if you prefer to do it on a bigger display as opposed to the back. As for their ‘specialties’, the A280 is geared towards those who seek all-out resolution, while the A260 is for long exposures and shutter speed, and the A250 is the low-light specialist amongst the three. And oh, each camera will naturally be bundled with Capture One Pro 8.1 software package.

The Phase One Alpha A-Series Camera is available now, starting at €36,000 ($47,000). Obviously, this is a digital camera built for the pros who are certain of their returns, or maybe, any enthusiasts with a lot of money to drop. In that case, do let us know how the rig works out for you.

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Phase One Alpha A-Series Camera

Phase One Alpha A-Series Camera

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