Photorito Lens Wrap wraps like a real burrito

Photorito Lens Wrap
(photos: Photojojo) Photorito Lens Wrap | US$20.00 |

if you love your lens so much that sometimes, you wish you could eat it whole, then the Photorito Lens Wrap is just what you need. granted that you can’t actually eat your lens but it should at least let it looks like your favorite tortilla. as its name implies, it is a burrito-like looking padded protective lens wrap that will protect your treasured lens from knocks and bumps, which also means you can eliminate camera bag out of your photography expedition equation cos’ now you have the liberty of stuffing your Photorito-protected lens into any type of bag you desire. crafted from super-tough Tyvek, a material used on Hazmat suits, and cushioned with neoprene, this chic and fun lens wrap also makes your precious lens less conspicuous to any potential thieves. the Photorito Lens Wrap retails for a modest price of just $20 a pop.

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