This is Stripe, a concept portable hard drive by Industrial product designer Do Kyoung LEE. One look, you know this ain’t no ordinary drive. Ordinary it is not. LEE’s Stripe addresses two thorny issues associated with portable hard drive. First, the shock protection and second, packaging. To address the first concern (i.e. shock protection), LEE proposed a grill-like design made of flexible rubber, as opposite to the rigid plastic used in many so-called rugged portable hard drives.

Portable Hard Disk Drive Stripe

The gap between these “stripes,” along with the flexible rubber allows the outer enclosure to absorb most, if not all, the impact of a shock in the event of a drop. And this built-in shock protection also serves as the drive’s packaging, thus allowing the packaging to be as simple and minimal as possible. What’s buried inside this gap-filled rubber enclosure is unknown. But really, that is not important as the focus is on the enclosure.

Portable Hard Disk Drive Stripe

However, I do have some questions. Questions like heat management and also, since the design appeared to be a molded piece, how is it going to be assembled. I guess, some concept designs, while nice, still required quite bit of technical inputs from those actually putting the gadget together. Anywho, we would love to see LEE’s design materialize in near future. Hopefully. In the meantime, steal a few more look of this wonderful portable hard drive.

Images: Do Kyoung LEE.

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Source: Yanko Design.

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