Am I the only who feels that any Star Wars movies after the first trilogy will never be as epic? Let me be clear that Disney has nothing to do with the sub-epic standards. Anyways, we are not here to discuss on the original trilogy. We are here because of this: Star Wars Galactic Empire DSA Keycap Set. This is an officially licensed item, by the way, and it is absolutely sick.

Star Wars Galactic Empire DSA Keycap Set

Each key of the 157 PBT dye-sublimed keycap features the usual English and numeric expressed in Aurebesh language. Fret not if you are not proficient in this galactic language because, there is actually an alternate set in Aurebesh with very tiny English Sublegends in the upper right corner of each key. I hardly looked at the keyboard, so I guess I am good with just the Aurebesh variety.

Star Wars Galactic Empire DSA Keycap Set

But I am afraid, even if the language barrier is out of the way, the asking price there though had me on hold and that’s not to mention the promised delivery in May 2019 is less than attractive. Speaking of with, you are looking at a hefty $250 for the set. If you are undaunted by the sticker, you can get in line by pre-ordering the Star Wars Galactic Empire DSA Keycap Set from now till January 10, 2019.

Star Wars Galactic Empire DSA Keycap Set

Oh, I failed to mention that, in addition to the Aurebesh language, the set also boasts several novelty keycaps sporting designs of your familiar Galactic icons, including Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, Death Star, Imperial emblem, Imperial Star Destroyer and more. I’d be lying if I say I am not enamored by this keycap set. The grayish-blue and red (and some white) combo really had me at hello, but the price is an instant no-go for me. I wish I could splurge. Unfortunately, I really can’t.

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However, if you are down, you can hit up Kono’s product page to learn more and/pr to pre-order. Meanwhile, here are more product images to entice your further.

Images: Kono.

Source: Luxury Launches.

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