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i am sure some of us has ever dreamed of owning a USB flash drive crafted out from an actual gold bar. for now, that dream will remain as a dream but luckily there is a lesser alternative by the way of the Gold Ingot USB Memory. instead of solid gold, you have a wooden enclosure made from Japanese Bigleaf Magnolia (aka Magnolia obovata), covered with high quality gold leaf from Kanazawa City in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. it is said that this particular city accounts for 99% of the country’s gold leaf which means you can be assured of the quality of the gold leaf used for this flash drive. the flash drive measures 8.2-centimeters (3.2-inches) and only comes in 4-GB storage capacity. the Gold Ingot USB Memory can be yours for a made-to-order price of $185.88 but be warned that once order is made, it cannot be canceled. a few more look at this opulent USB flash drive after the break.
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