Swedish EV manufacturer NEVS-owned British in-wheel motor technology company Protean Electric has introduced a revolutionary drive/steering module called Protean 360+ that will make parallel parking haters clamoring for it. Protean 360+ is 360-degree steering technology that pretty much is what it says it is and then some. It is an advanced electric drive ‘corner module’ designed with next-generation urban mobility pods (basically, small autonomous buses) that allows for limitless 360-degree steering.

Protean 360-degree Steering Technology

No play of words here. Protean 360+ really steers 360-degree! Furthermore, it also boasts innovative suspension setup and pneumatic ride-height control, thus enabling the vehicle to perform ‘kneeling’ for step-less kerb-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-kerb access. What’s even more impressive is, because of the compact form, Protean 360+ not only allows an urban mobility pod to have an entirely flat interior floor, it also allows for the front, rear and side access into the vehicle. Pretty dope, eh?

It is like a scene from sci-fi movies where one may ask, where the hell is the drive system. Well, in the case of Protean 360+, there it is. It’s in the wheel.

As a EV manufacturer, NEVS AB will leverage on Protean technologies, including this latest development, in its future vehicles when it is appropriate.

All images courtesy of Protean Electric.

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