Well, it happened again. Brazilian police recently raided and shut down a factory making fake Ferraris and Lamborghinis. Yes. You heard that right fake Ferraris and Lamborghinis. I mean, seriously, what are the odds that super luxury items like supercars could be counterfeited, right? As it turns out, the odds appeared to be pretty damn good because, this recent bust in Brazil was the second in the last two years.

Brazilian Fake Ferrari Factory Busted

The first happened in 2017 when three Spanish folks were arrested making and selling fake supercars. Seriously, the barrier of entry for making luxury supercars are not as high as we may have thought. I mean, how else these people are able to start making Ferraris and Lambos just like that?

Anywho, in the recent raid in the southern state of Santa Catarina, Brazil, a father and son who owned the workshop that produces Fakerraris and Shamborghinis were arrested. Details of the arrest are not clear. However, according to SCMP, police seized eight partially finished vehicles and the factory was said to be stocked with badges and accessories of the Italian supercar makers for the production of the counterfeit luxury sports car.

Brazilian Fake Ferrari Factory Busted

Apparently, the cars were being offered via social media at a fraction of the real deal price, going for $45,000-60,000 a unit. It is not clear if the seller(s) did explicitly indicate that these are counterfeit cars or not.

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The raid, which took place on Monday (July 15), was reportedly carried after a complaint filed by the affected Italian companies. I guess it is not hard to get busted if you were openly selling fake supercars on social media, right? That said, I can’t help but to wonder are there any Fakerraris and Shamborghinis on the road right now.

Images: AP via SCMP.

Source: South China Morning Post.

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