Now, this is something you don’t read about everyday. It is not uncommon to read counterfeit goods and usually they usually consists of stuff like cigarettes, luxury bags, shoes, watches. You know, stuff that average joe will buy. Nothing quite out of the ordinary, really. And it seem like fake goods is a booming business with China leading the global benchmark of counterfeiting almost anything you can possibly think of, but three guys in Spain may have outdone even China’s fake goods producers. The trio was busted for selling counterfeit supercars. Imagine that.

But that was not why they were busted. They were busted because not only did they sell fake cars, they were also the ones who built them. And that’s not all. Word has it that they were outfitting self-molded body of exotic supercars like Ferrari and Lamborghini on Toyotas (and apparently, Peugeot too) and passing the final products off as the real deal. That’s not even the best part. The best part is, they were selling what were essentially kit cars for the full price, thus ripping off unsuspecting buyers. Well, I guess they don’t call these fake goods knock offs for nothing, right?

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Anywho, according to a report, the police smells fish when the group was selling a particular knock off supercar online for around €41,000 (about US$48,000). There are not a lot details on the bust, but we are going on a limp to assume a raid was setup which lead up to their arrest and the uncovering of four completed fake Ferraris plus fourteen more in the process of being manufactured (if you could even call that manufacturing…). The report also stated that the mini auto factory was shut down, thus putting an end to the fake car production, or at least one that the authority knows off. God knows how many such fake car rings are out there.

So, the moral of the story is, if the price of a used Ferrari or Lamborghini is too good to be true, it usually is. Unless you are pro yourself, it is always worth getting an expert to look at it before you drop your life-saving on one. Else, you could be driving around a $40,000 fiberglass body car powered by a 101 horsepower Yaris. Keep going to see the police raiding the factory.

YouTube via Muscle Cars Zone.

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