Razer Viper Mini Signature Edition is not the only magnesium alloy gaming mouse. Gaming peripherals maker Pwnage has recently joined this exclusive magnesium alloy gaming mouse club with the Pwnage StormBreaker. While it shares the same name as Thor’s Mjolnir-replacement Stormbreaker, it is not forged in the heart of a dying star. Thankfully so, else you’d need to be worthy to wield it.

Pwnage StormBreaker Magnesium Alloy Gaming Mouse

Like the Razer Viper Mini Signature Edition, the Pwnage StormBreaker has an exoskeleton design that further reduces its weight. All told, the Pwnage StormBreaker tips the scales a just 51g (1.8 oz), which Pwnage said has the lowest density and optimized strength-to-weight ratio.

The mouse further boasts a patented adjustable sensor technology that promised increased accuracy, aim control, and performance in games that require fast, precise mouse movements. The ability to personalize the sensor position enables the lowest margin of tracking error, offering up to a 14% increase in speed and accuracy, and reduces path deviation while aiming up to 23%, said Pwnage.

Pwnage StormBreaker Magnesium Alloy Gaming Mouse

The gaming mouse also benefits from premium sorted Omron switches rated for 20 million clicks, PAW 3395 optical sensor that offers max. 26,000 DPI, Nordic nrf52840 MCU chip for next-gen lag-free wireless performance, a battery good for 120 hours of use and fully recharges in 2 hours, a 100% PTFE with custom rounded edges or Glass Skates, and a max. polling rate of 2,000 Hz which is supported by the included high-speed polling rate receiver pyramid that allows it to be away from other ports for a clear signal and also closer to the mouse for a stronger signal.

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The device is also supplied with a set of back grips and a black paracord USB Type-C cable.

The Pwnage StormBreaker Magnesium Alloy Gaming Mouse is available now in a choice of colors and matte coating with unique limited-edition engraving, for US$179.

Pwnage StormBreaker Magnesium Alloy Gaming Mouse
Pwnage StormBreaker Magnesium Alloy Gaming Mouse

Images: Pwnage.

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