Re-case – eco-friendly 100% Trash made iPhone case

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(photos: Re-case) Re-case 100% Trash made iPhone case | US$24.95 |

when we talked about sustainability for products, we look towards 100% recyclable materials for making them but Miniwiz, a green firm, takes this notion of sustainability a notch higher up the green scale with its Re-case iPhone case. the Re-case is the result (known as POLLIBER) of a combination of rice agricultural waste and post-consumer thermo-plastics, which makes it a product that’s 100% made from trash. now, how many can actually stake that claim until today? i guess it’s just Re-case for now. the case’s ripple design allows for the incorporation of a space for a RFID card, thereby adding another functionality to it. honestly, the ripple design there, doesn’t really impress me and the idea of putting trash on my cheek needs a little getting use to. perhaps, touting it as a 100% trash made iPhone case, may not be as appealing as far as marketing is concerned even though it does help in the promoting eco-consciousness. the Re-case is available via Amazon for $24.95 a pop.
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Re-case via TUAW

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