Believe or not, shaving while busting germs at the same time is among one of the things a smartphone can do. Well, it can if you have the Remax Smartphone OTG UV Mini Shaver 2.0. As the product name implies, it is an upgraded version of the original and also, it kills germs as you shave.

Remax Smartphone OTG UV Mini Shaver 2.0

This new iteration not only shaves with its 6,500 rpm fast spinning, skin-friendly shaver, but it also boasts UV sterilization to bust some germs while you are at it. Not sure if that is even necessary since you are already letting go off the facial hair.

Anywho, according to Remax, the UV light will also comes in handy for verified the authenticity of paper money too.

The Remax Smartphone OTG UV Mini Shaver 2.0 is marketed as a handy travel shaver and it is powered by your smartphone. It has a bunch of shaver features like a high-powered motor that rivals, if not better than, full size electric shavers, skin-friendly steel guard and blades, washable shaver head, and more.

Remax Smartphone OTG UV Mini Shaver 2.0

Remax Smartphone OTG UV Mini Shaver 2.0 is available in three versions: Android micro USB connector, Android USB Type-C connector, and Lightning connector for iPhone.

If you are looking for a travel shaver, the Remax Smartphone OTG UV Mini Shaver 2.0 might be a worthy candidate. There’s just one problem. It looks like it is only available in Asia. It is being sold on China’s Tmall for 49-65 yuan (around US$7-9.30). You may also find it on AliExpress selling for US$1.39-4.39 and on various Asian online marketplace like Shopee and Lazada.

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Images: Remax.

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