Robots are precise. I get it, but would you entrust your hand’s wellbeing to a robot’s precision? Specifically in a game of five-finger fillet and with a real knife? I don’t know. I probably wouldn’t. YouTuber Irfon Automation, however, seems to had a lot of faith in robots and in his case, a Staubli TX40 Robot and of course, what he claims as his talent for programming that enable this trusty (or not?) metal arm to do passes of five-finger fillet. Ok. Maybe, whether or not, Irfon Automation had a shit load of confidence doesn’t matter, because the hand on the table wasn’t his anyways. It appears that his neighbor had volunteered and so, I am guessing his neighbor was the one that had shit lot of faith in him (and little yellow armed Staubli there).

Anyways, in what the video post described as “a demonstration of confidence in Staubli speed and precision (and his programming), the man behind the camera (presumably, Irfon Automation) let the robot run passes of five-finger fillet with the Staubli TX40 Robot which speeds up for the second pass. I know. Nothing bad came out of it, but still, I cringed watching it. Looking at it, what android Lance Bishop did in Aliens might be not be farfetched after all:

Skip ahead to see the Staubli TX40 Robot doing its thing.

Image: screengrab from YouTube video.

YouTube via Sploid.

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