There is a new LEGO Art set and it is a set of significance. It is the first time LEGO has teamed up with a legendary rock band for a LEGO Art and it is also the first LEGO Art set that is organically shaped, and the first LEGO Art set to use the full spectrum of LEGO bricks to create the mosaic; not just the 1×1 round LEGO tiles.

LEGO Art The Rolling Stones (31206)

Folks, meet the LEGO Art The Rolling Stones (31206), the newest LEGO Art created in collaboration with the British rock band, The Rolling Stones. Packing 1,998 pieces and created to commemorate the band’s 60th anniversary, the LEGO Art The Rolling Stones (31206) lets you recreate the iconic tongue and lips logo as seen on the band’s Sticky Finger album 50 years ago.

When completed, the LEGO Art of the world-famous tongue and lips measure over 2 inches high and 18.5 inches wide (57 x 47 cm). The LEGO designers have included a hidden surprise with the set. Not sure if the ‘surprised’ is the alternate tongue design featuring the number ’60’ to mark the band’s 60th birthday. I could be wrong.

LEGO Art The Rolling Stones (31206)

Anyhoo, adult fans of LEGO are invited to enjoy the build process by listening to the accompanying soundtrack with almost an hour of tailor-made content, including an exclusive interview with John Pasche, the graphic designer of the original tongue and lips logo.

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Fun fact: John’s design was in fact a draft. The trademarked version and the design that appeared in subsequent live concerts, album covers, and various media, was actually a refined design by Craig Braun.

LEGO Art The Rolling Stones (31206)

The LEGO Art The Rolling Stones (31206) is a must-have for fans of The Rolling Stones. It comes with 9 brick baseplates, a brick-built frame, and 2 hanger elements.

It is set to arrive on August 01, 2022, priced at US$149.99.

LEGO Art The Rolling Stones (31206)

Images: LEGO.

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